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I remember playing sonic in my childhood back then, it was fun. And it was memorable and I loved Mario as well as his games for a long time. I just kept rivaling Sonic with bootyhole

Then I was playing the newer games like Mario Kart 7 and such, then I got this box and I opened it, revealing a disc saying Sonic.exe.

When I found that it said sonic.exe, I was excited and I couldn't wait to play, but as I checked on the back there was a long message from my friend Ben. He literally said this.

Whoever gets this message, read it immediately. I beg of you to not play this game which is included in it, it has effected me and ruined my life forever. It made me have nightmareish dreams that were so horrifying that they were undescribeable, it still haunts me to this day, don't just please don't play it and you will not have the pain and sorrow that I had.

The message erected me, but that didn't bother me at all and I put the disc into my computer and downloaded it. After the download has been completed, I checked to see if it contains any viruses, but there were none. So I opened the game up for anything else before playing the game. It looked exactly like the first sonic game ever created, I was happy. But I then at a fraction or a split second I saw a entirely different version of sonic, I was horrified and freaked out. What the Hell?!

His eyes were red and bleeding, his extended smile.. Oh my god.. It was absloutely like as if it was a devil from hell, it was like a nightmare I was trapped in, much worse from those other usual creepypastas people post. What the hell?!? They had the Sonic 3 Save Files and it had three files and a disturbing sky that had the bad ending version of Stardust in Sonic CD. I was beginning to feel uneasy but I still didn't freak out. They had three characters, one which is Tails, another as Knuckles and shockingly Doctor Ivo Robotnik.  I then went onto to play the first save file.

It paused in a black screen for atleast 10 seconds, and then it said Hill Zone 1. This seemed like a version of Hell only to have Sonic turned into some horrible disgusting creature. 

But then it seemed normal and it was exactly like the original first level of Sonic 1. But then there were dead animals, a pig with his asshole slilt and also bleeding, a rabbit with lungs smashed into pieces and cuts on it's body and more animals seemed to have the familiar wounds, hanging lifeless, I felt as if I wanted to cry in my sorrow for them, I understood now why my friend Ben wanted to destroy this haunted hellish CD.

Then Tails found Sonic on the other side of the hill, as he got closer to him I wanted to shout out to him to get away from him, but unfortunately he couldn't hear me like they wouldn't be able to. 

Sonic was ignoring and being oblivious to Tails, so when he got closer Sonic looked at Tails with his black and bleeding eyes.

Then the screen went pitch-black, and it said after a few seconds. Do you want to play with me? His Laugh from that guy from Earthbound.. was it him??

I was shocked and freaking out then it showed you can't hide. I knew that this demon version of sonic was trying to communicate to me through the game. 

Then it had the first Sonic 3 zone on fire, I'm sure everyone knows that when it was bombed. Tails was crying his eyes out of shock on how his friend had destroyed their beautiful haven, I wanted to cry too.. 

Then Sonic appeared all over the place and then sonic wasn't running after tails.. He was FLYING!  This was getting more and more disturbing as we went through the game.

Sonic dissappeared for 15 seconds and Tails was standing there crying as if he was suffering from a neverending hell.

Then Sonic appeared in front of him, and Tails was begging for mercy, unfortunately. It was to late..

The screen then went black in a split second and said, You're to slow. Want to try again?

I was starting to feel rage.. and anger, but I held it back because Sonic.exe was trying to make me seem like a demonish freak. I now knew what he was trying to do.

It was the same Stardust Bad Ending screen with the Sonic 3 Files again. But tails wasn't in the file, he was in the screen above. His cheery smile turned into a anguish face, and his yellow fur has turned into a darkened blackish color. And as well as Sonic.exe his eyes were bleeding and also black. 

I realised that he was trapped in the TV screen, never to escape.

So then I went on to play on the Knuckles File, the same thing happened with a pitch black screen for a few seconds.

Then it said You can't Run. 

I was getting more disturbed and more creeped out, I wanted to exit the game and never play it again, but it was too late to undo that so I had to just play it to the end.

Knuckles seemed to be at the Brain Zone, The final zone before the Final Boss of Sonic 1. I was praying that it wasn't a boss. 

Suddenly a TV Disturbed screen showed up for a second or two, Like tails, Knuckles was freaking out, the only thing that didn't change was the suffering.

Then the same screen showed up again, And his laugh came out of nowhere, I was starting to cry and about to shout. But it was harder to hold back. 

Then blood was everywhere on the floor of the level, and It kept flashing that same screen, then finally Sonic.exe looking like some sort of ghost appeared in front of Knuckles. Then Knuckles slipped and he was crying, as well as Tails begging for mercy as Sonic.exe was in front of him, but again it was too late.

I immediately switched off the computer and slept, I had this nightmare which was terrible.. It had the same thing, only this time I was literally inside the game, and it was exactly like Tails and Knuckles's bad ending of their lives. Only this time I was the victim.. I saw sonic's face, his gloves covered with blood and his horrible black eyes. He did a horrible laugh. And then I had died in the Nightmare. I woke up screaming so loud it was enough to wake up the neighbourhood, luckily it was morning, otherwise I would of been spending the night not sleeping. 

I decided to be brave and face Sonic.exe's game and complete it once and for all. It was on the Sonic 3 save file screen. And Knuckles's eyes were black and were dripping with blood, his fur was darkened red or grey. As if he was frightened. 

The last save file was the only obstacle from me being able to finish the game.

Unlike the others, Doctor Ivo Robotnik wasn't scared literally at all. But then he got slightly more scared as we went through the level, as he went down the steps the wall's colors were changing. And the torches were changing to a dark blue sort of color.

Unfortunately, he had the same fate.

After a few seconds, Oh my god... this massive face which was sonic.exe appeared up and the scream hurt my ears so bad I was nearly mental, I was shocked so much I nearly had a panic attack. I stared at the face for a while, it flashed again and again.

Then it had this japanese reading and I decided to trace what it actually said. I haven't yet but I will find out soon.

Then this had a mysterious level. And I was completely shocked, SONIC?! I shouted.

But then a mysterious person showed up, he asked me to guess who he was, He had the options of sonic.exe, giygas or both.

I pressed both.

He said I was right, saying he was both Giygas and sonic.exe, since he was possessing sonic and turned him into a horrible freak.

However, It turned out that the comic of Sonic.exe actually reminded me of how to prevent that demon from anymore possession of Sonic.

Since I followed the comic's ending. I decided to fight giygas as Sonic. And I won. Since releasing the demon from sonic was the only option I did it.

Then I realised that I had the choice to either revive his friends or not. I chose YES.

Then it had this good ending and then the game just had a pitch-black screen and then the game ended.

After trying out the game again, It had no signs of sonic.exe or any creepy things around, Maybe he was destroyed??

So I went to my best friend's house and Returned the disc, explaining that sonic.exe should be gone on it.

I'm free........for now hahahaha

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